Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tustin Pythians - Tustin, California


With donations and fundrasers the Tustin Knights of Pythias
support and sponsor children to the camp each year.

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The Pythian Youth Camp: A National Treasure
Sixty-two years ago the Pythian Youth Camp was carved out of
the Sequoia National Forest, which is among the oldest national
parks in the United States. The 23 structures that make up this
historic wilderness camp are situated on a 19-acre parcel of land
that runs along Woodward Creek, and is the nation’s first and only
land grant youth camp. The site for the camp was granted to the
Pythian Youth Foundation of California, under Section 101(6) of
the Internal Revenue Code specifically to build and maintain a
camp for underprivileged boys and girls, and to help fight the
causes of juvenile delinquency.

Since its founding, the Camp has served as a timeout for nearly
300 inner-city children each year, helping them to break the
cycles of distress that keeps them focused on unhealthy lifestyles
and behaviors. The key to the success of the Pythian program
begins and ends with caring. The Sierra Club has documented the
value of hands-on environmental education, stating that hands-on
environmental education enhances performance in all academic
subjects, as well as provides students with vital life tools. They
further state “improvements can be seen in persistence in tasks,
communication skills, working groups, and even school attendance
and behavior”.

For more information:
Contact Thomas White, Executive Director,
Pythian Youth Foundation of CA, Inc.

The Pythian Youth Foundation of CA is a
501(c)(3) public benefit corporation


On September 30, 2010, the Pythian Youth Foundation will host
its first Celebrity Roast in Long Beach, as a fund raiser to help
send children to camp. We will roast former Long Beach City
Councilman Ray Grabinski, and current Councilwoman for
the 8th District, Rae Gabilich, and expect wall-to-wall dignitaries.

Stay tuned in for more information, and find out how you may use
this opportunity to advertise your company. For information,
contact me at:
Thomas White, Executive Director

Tustin Pythians:
Call 714 573-2552 or Email